What you need to know about ideas.

Recently, I caught up with a friend who I hadn’t talked to in about a year. He had this big great ideas and he was super ecstatic about telling me. His great big idea was he wanted to leave his part-time job so he could go to Acting school at NYU and become a professional Actor.  I asked if he’d ever done any acting before, and he said, “No, but I think it’d be a lot of fun.  I would love to Act for big Hollywood movies.”


He wanted to go to Acting school — a.k.a. guaranteed six-figure debt and high chance of failure ahead — with ZERO hands-on experience in anything related to Acting. What the H?!?!


I hate to be a dream wreaker but I’m gonna. The stats are there. Only 5 percent of Sag actors actually make enough to live off of in their profession. Another kick in the dick is that some of these actors are like my friend. They have gone though rigorous training (paid for tuition that’s comparable to getting a friggin doctorate 80 plus K) and they’re still fighting the good fight.

“Ideas are like Fire. So beautiful and mystical from afar. Once your in it though; you’ll burn.” – LTN (yeah I just quoted myself. So what?)

The truth is ideas can save your life. A great new idea can save you from a dead end job. People want to get their MBA because they love the idea of being a CEO.  Or they want to write a book because they love the idea of calling themselves an author.  Or they want to buy a patent because they love the idea of their product being on a shelf in Walmart.
Why in the world are people willing to dish out thousands of dollars when they could have quickly discovered, for free, that it wouldn’t work out?

You want to be a film editor?  Try making a basic slideshow of family pictures on your computer. You want to be an actor? Audition and be in a Play or a student film.
You want to be a CEO?  Shadow a first-time entrepreneur and see what their daily routine is like.
You want to be an author?  Write a successful blog first.
You want to be an inventor?  Sell one — just one — unit of your product on ebay.

The truth is, nothing beyond yourself will set you free. Quitting your job may se seem like a good idea and it may look like freedom. But freedom is freedom. Freedom is a state of mind. You have the choice, right now, to do whatever you want. Will there be consequences or ripple events created based on your decisions? Yes. But that freedom to do what you want is always within your grasp, now.

You want to stop fallible g in love with your brilliant ideas? Stop trying kick own Ass by jumping on idea after ideas. Start small. You’ll build momentum that way.



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