The WrightWay To Truly Transform

I starred into my screen. Blank page and thought “why even try?” No ones watching. No ones paying attention. If I died today. All of my family members would know. But that’s it. I wouldn’t have changed anyways lives or died knowing that I created a legacy. I need to make a big change in my life. And it has to happen TODAY!!

This my friends is broken thinking and don’t do this. But I bet 99.999999% of you have had similar thinking. Whether you’re working on something that hasn’t gained noreity or you’re working on something no one believes will work. I want to introduce you to “True Transformation”

My goal in this article is to get you to realize you don’t need a huge following or make a HUGE CHANGE in your life today to make transformations in your areas of struggle.

This is what you need

So, this is super interesting- the fact that when the Wright brothers made their historic first flights, no one ever noticed. Seriously – no newspaper coverage for weeks. The Wright brothers kept going though. The Wright brothers starred at each plane that they demolished and asked themselves “Why keep going?” They were trying to do something no one had ever done before. But they’re consistency paid off. What we don’t know is that they had A communication with intergalactic intelligence that gave them answers to how to make a plan actually fly from one end of the country to the other.


Just kidding.

What they did have was “persistence” to just keep going on a dream no one else believed in except for themselves.

You may well toil at your mission and your passion for a very long time. And while you’re working, no one is noticing. Your work may be wonderful, but the notoriety, the fame, the accolades? They’re all going to someone else.

So what do you do?
You keep working. There is no other choice.
If you’re only chasing the quick fame of a headline, you’ll be sacrificing the deeper impact that comes with longevity. And the difference between 15 minutes of fame and meaningful history-making is a little word called “legacy.”
Great work that creates meaning builds a legacy; quick work that creates attention builds hyperbole.
It turns out that headlines rarely change the world anyway. Legacy does.
Do the work and people will notice. Eventually. The harder path to down is to be the person who stays enthusiastic for 30 seconds vs the person who is enthusiastic for 30 years.

Whatever it is that you’re currently working on. Don’t stop. Keep going.
And when you want to stop, ask yourself “why?” Yupp, that’s my answer. Ask yourself “Why” do I want to be a Legend and go after it. By this answer alone; you’ll transform.

I pinky promise.

Comment below and let me know how this resonates with you.



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