What you’ll wish you’d known as a Creative from Entrepenuers

They say entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. BUT EVERYONE who’s anybody wants true freedom. They want to get out the job that’s only sub par far being the true entrepenuers they were meant to be

“Everyone wants big legs but no one wants to squat heavy weight.” Ronnie Coleman

Yes, it’s coming from Ronnie Coleman. One of the most successful bodybuilders alive. But the same goes for Enterpenuership. Everyone wants a huge Fortune 500 company but there’s only a few out of the millions that know how to be leaders, utilize the 80/20 principal, make plans and execute them, and are willing to sacrifice they’re pleasure to trade on for confusion/ pain.

That’s why this advice is gold.

If you’re deep inside of your search for why you started your business. Here’s some of the best kept secrets from self made entrepenuers


Credit: John Lee Dumas for putting this together.

Best business advice from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Imagine having multiple business mentors – all successful entrepreneurs – who are there to provide you with the best business advice as you embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.
Why the best business advice? Because they’ve been there already. They’ve had that same struggle; they’ve encountered a similar roadblock; they’ve experienced a lot of failures – and they can tell you what they did to successfully move past them.


Let’s dive into the advice and find out what they had to say…
Pat Flynn
Never sell yourself short.
Pat learned this lesson first-hand after undervaluing his own eBook. Listen in to hear how he bounced back and turned this lesson into action.
Corbett Barr
The concept of “just shipping something”. Don’t build a business and then spend all your time planning and studying your audience and building business plans.
A business is simply value that you, the business owner, create and offer to an audience in a way that they can pay you for. Start building a sustainable business.
MJ Demarco
A quote from Steve Martin: “Be so good that you can’t be ignored.”
If you’re good enough at what you do – if you’re solving people’s problems – the marketplace will not be able to ignore you. Stop waiting for permission to move forward! Put it out to the marketplace (push), and then people will come to you (pull).
Barbara Corcoran
Play up what you’ve got, and forget about what you don’t have.
Barbara tells a hilarious story here about when she was working at a diner… Her mother gave her a piece of advice about playing up what she had, which led to Barbara meeting the man who would unexpectedly help make her a millionaire.
Woody Woodward
It’s all about relationships.
Zig Ziglar believed that if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want. All businesses are rooted in relationships.
Jay Baer
“Our job is to give our clients our very best professional advice, but at the end of the day, they decide whether or not they take it.”
It’s not your job to pull the trigger. We can’t make the horse drink, we can only lead them to water.
Jay Miletsky
It’s not going to be a straight shot upwards – but don’t give up. If you believe in your vision, just keep going.
Ezra Firestone
Face the inevitable with joy. Things are going to happen; be happy about them . Only YOU get to decide how you’re going to judge what happens to you.
And specialize: be good at and be known for ONE thing.
Jonathan Fields
Align what you do with who you are: an organic manifestation of what allows you to come alive in the world.
JD Roth
It’s important for people to do what they’re good at, and be open to ideas that might lead to using what you’re good at in ways that will make you money.
Sally Hogshead
Aspire to be the dumbest person in the room. Always be playing your A game!
Sally talks about when you play your A game – that’s when you’re able to push yourself to the next level.
Josh London
Be the best at what matters most. What matters most to you?
Derek Blair
Spend less than you earn. Sound advice, Derek!
Shawn Stevenson
Be yourself.
Shawn tells us a story about when he first started his blog, and he was writing as if he were writing for a scientific journal. The problem? He wasn’t writing in his own voice, he wasn’t being himself. Being himself totally and openly gave him character and personality so that he could finally connect and build relationships with his true audience.
Kevin Rogers
Never be a vendor – always be an expert.
No matter how much doubt is creeping in, lay it out there, thrive on the challenge, and if you fail, fail spectacularly. What it takes to be viewed and regarded as an expert.
Rachel Martin
Serve those who love you.
It’s easy to get that 1 negative email, or see that 1 person who unsubscribes, and then think you’re not good enough, or you’re not measuring up.
It’s okay if your content isn’t right for that 1 person, because it IS right for the thousands of others who love you and what you do.
Be yourself
There you have it! The best business advice from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.
What I love most is that each of these entrepreneurs has a different piece of advice, and a different experience from which that advice stems. Remember, as Shawn Stevenson says, just be yourself. This is where your uniqueness comes from, and this is where your opportunity to really connect with your audience lies.

Comment below with an entrepreneurial quote you love to live by

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