Why Your Uniqueness Is Going To Beat The Sh*t Out Of Your Work Ethic Skill

“I have a dream….. I  want to live in a world that rewards the hardest working person in the company, or hires the best actor for the role in the film, or a company sufficiently compensates an employee of theirs more pay for working harder …..”

But the cold hard kick in the dick truth is we don’t live in this type of society.


Ya know Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow… I’m not too sure….

Lets break this down

Working smart is the opposite of grit
. We glorify the idea of persisting through hardship. There’s the Seth Godin book of hard work that everyone loves: It’s The Dip. He says everything worth doing has a really tough moment where other people stop but you keep going.
However his idea is really about recognizing patterns, and it’s best in the business world where there are rules for success and everyone is basically sheep trying to get the same thing: higher sales, new markets, more funding, etc.
In Godin’s scenario people are not engaging in grit so much as getting a leg up. A great example: My friend who imported a Dance instructor from Italy so his daughter doesn’t have to fight to get the best teachers in Los Angeles.


The other type of grit is the person doing something totally new. There is no dip because there is no established upswing. And it’s the upswing that makes the downswing a dip rather than an endless path to hell. In the cases where people are not sheep– where someone is really truly doing something new – there is only a terrifying fear. Being unique as all hell is actually an asset. Not a weakness.
Can competition exist if you’re the only one making your “niche” product?

A good example: Herman Melville writing Moby Dick. His family starved and he kept writing even though there was no established market or precedent for what he was writing.

Grit is working hard because hard work is an end in itself
 But that doesn’t come from grit. Grit is the work ethic done practiced over a long haul in a particular field.

The value of an end result is not about how much work it took but how good it is. And this is why Alfie Kohn has a ten-point tirade about why grit is not a productive  means to a creative, innovative society.
The ultimate goal: how much do you love your work? How engaged are you? This is my two cents. I don’t think person who love their work during the day can say they out work everyone because they are just doing what makes them come alive. Rather then working harder then ever person around them.

Comment below on which area of your life you would actually pay money to do Something that’s really unique that no one else does and make a god damn business out of it. Even if it makes no sense. Just remember this: Fidget spinners are a billion dollar company now.


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