Why Everyone Is Confused As F*ck And I’m Pretty Sure It’s The Internets Fault

I felt my Stomach drop into the ocean. 500,000 feet below sea level. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I just clicked “buy” after watching a short two minute inspirational video about how I can be from from 9 to 5. I signed up for an online program that was going to cost $27,000 that I didn’t have. I was excited at first. But now….

Shit Logan, you made a boo boo. And it’s a big one. Fear was officially installed and I only bought this because it feels good thinking I can be free from working a 9-5.

Why did I do this?

The power of the internet.

The world runs on one thing: Money.


It’s feelings. And I don’t mean “oh, let’s all inhale helium and we’ll all be happy suddenly.” I mean ever changing emotions.

This is because people primarily spend money on things that make them feel good. And where the money flows, power flows. So, technically, the more you’re able to influence the emotions and feelings of people in the world, the more money and power will accumulate to you.

Technology is simply one means of doing this. Technologies are invented for the simple sake of pleasing people. The fidget spinner. A more comfortable car seat. A eight ounce juicy aged Filet Mignon. Fortunes are made and lost around these things because they make people feel better, make their lives easier. Entire communities are run on little more than a population’s fantasies and dreams.

I mean the fact that the world runs on feelings hasn’t always been a bad thing. In 1950, during the depression- The majority of the population was cold, hungry, and tired. And therefore- people would go to great lengths to relieve this feeling for their population and end its poverty and hardship.

As technology and society advanced, the more people were less stressed of their physical hardship and suffering. Vaccines and medicines have saved billions of lives. Simple machines have relieved the majority of the planet of backbreaking workloads and starvation.

But this is where it can fuck you up. When your emotions run you. So during the second half of the 20th century, with most of the populations relieved from scarcity, the techno savvy world continued to advance and innovate to make people feel good. And in this new commercial age, people began to look for greater comfort.

The comfort created a century of maddening growth in the technology of convenience—toaster ovens, washing machines, microwaves, cars, fast food, air travel, televisions, mobile homes, and tons of other superb inventions.

Life became easier. People were able to pick up a telephone and accomplish in two minutes what used to take months.

Everyone’s lives were more or less the same. We consumed the same entertainment, watched the same TV, listened to the same music, ate the same food, relaxed on the same sofas, and read the same books, magazines, newspapers. There was a certain continuity to this era that brought a strange sense of security. I think it’s this social interconnection that many people today are nostalgic for.

With less options of what to do with your life; or less options to entertain yourself creates for a blissful long life. Because you don’t know what’s optimal.

But then we all the sudden the invention from heavens was born:



Then the internet happened.
The internet’s intentions were good. Inventors and technologists in Silicon Valley had high hopes for a networked and computerized planet. They worked for decades toward a vision of seamlessly networking the world’s people and information.

Technologists envisioned a highly-educated global population that would tap into the infinite mounds of information available at their fingertips. They saw greater humanity and understanding across nations, culture, and lifestyles. They dreamed of a unified and connected global movement with a single shared interest for peace and prosperity.

So what the fuck happened?

You may be arguing the internet is a great thing Logan. I’m reading this because of the internet, aren’t I?

I wish this were true.

The world runs on feelings.

And when you give the average person an infinite reservoir of human information and more choices to become “whatever they want,” that’s when shit hits the fan.

Those people will Google for the higher truth that contradicts their own truth. Which confuses the person that thought they loved one thing but now they love something else.

They will Google for what is true yet unpleasant. Instead, most of us will Google for what is pleasant but untrue.

Having an bad day in school? Well, there’s a whole forum of solo entrepreneurs two clicks away with a lot of convincing-sounding advice that you too can be a Billionaire by working from home, getting deep tissue messages every other day, driving corvettes, partying with playboy models and all the while making Jordan Belfort look poor.

Thing thing is the internet, in the end, was not designed to give people the information they need. It gives people the information they want. Which really messes with you when you don’t think you’re doing what you’re “meant to do.”

For instance, I badly wanted to believe that I could hire a life coach with high status and he could just show me how he made a billion dollars and by only working 5 to 6 hours a week.

But the fact is that my generation (includes me) is very impressionable and we are easily persuaded to buy into get rich quick schemes and the internet makes us feel good by buying into this information that confirms my fears and quells my insecurities— of the 9 to 5.

The internet really does confuse you. If I read an article today telling you that online enterpenuership is possible by following Gary Vanderchuks business model, there will be three articles telling you tomorrow that Gary Vanderchuks business model sucks and then another article telling you why all of the previous articles were wrong. By now, I don’t even care anymore. I don’t trust any of them. The abundance of contradicting information scrambles my brain and makes me just want to go play Mario Kart for an hour and drink zero calorie Monsters.

But the internet lines up incentives in such a way that it makes it profitable to breed distrust.

So, we’re fucked?

This isn’t a Trump or US thing either. This is happening everywhere. Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Pakistan, France, the UK. They’ve all had right-winged democratic issues. They’re all becoming more monetized and uncompromising. The world itself is becoming more politically polarized. And people don’t trust most of the information they receive anymore, and as a result, they no longer trust many of the people in their own societies.

That’s because infinite information doesn’t enlighten people. It confuses them.

And when people become confused and distrustful, they resort back to their basic impulses, their instinctual drives to be tribalistic and self-absorbed: I take care of me and mine first. Fuck everyone else. If I can take care of myself, why can’t they?

This way of thinking is disheartening. It’s every man for themselves. Its also creating a shift that only one person can win and everyone else is a loser.

I’m here to tell you the truth.

The truth is that you should not believe everything the internet says. (Even this, question it.) 

Create a truth proof system that works for you. Don’t have too many sources on the internet telling you what to do to get to where you want. Why? Because you’ll confuse the hell out of yourself if you subscribe to thousands.

The Four Best Rules you can develop for yourself is belief, persistence, documentation and overall goal setting.

1. Make a huge Belief of what you want to become killer at. Keep reminding yourself exactly what you’re after and DO NOT Fucking settle no matter what the internet tells you.
2. Persist for at least one year within that field before you fucking give up.
3. Document every day on this one principal. Am I moving forward towards my overall goal? And if the answer is a yes. Then don’t change a thing and kill it.
4. Goal. Set up over arching goal. And execute little tactics along the way the make you a little less confused on what direction you’re going.

I’m going to be frank with you. Everyday you’re going to FEEL shitty, confused, embarrassed and that’s okay. As long as you took one mint step towards feeling les confused; you’re golden.

Comment below and let me know how the internet is confusing to you and let me help you get to where you really need to get too.


And if you love this article share it for me please.

If you hated it. Please tell me why so I can get better because that’s all I want. Is to be better.

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